Two in every three women and children that the UK accepts as refugees now, would be turned away in future under proposed new government rules, according to Together With Refugees, a new campaign coalition that aims to inspire hope and win deep change in the UK’s approach to refugees.

The campaign coalition consists of more than 100 national, local, refugee-led and grassroots groups including The United Reformed Church (URC). In a statement, they said that this different approach ensures “people can live in dignity while they wait to hear if they will be granted protection, and empowering refugees to rebuild their lives and make valuable contributions to their communities.”

Simeon Mitchell, URC Secretary for Church and Society, added that during a time of hostility towards immigrants, it is important to set out a positive alternative vision of a better approach. “How we treat people seeking refugee protection is about who we are. By being part of this campaign, we are saying that we stand alongside those seeking safety and sanctuary in the UK, and want to them to experience respect, fairness and kindness,” he said.

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