Mission Stories: Parables of Mission in the context of Empire

A ttempts are being made at accompanying members in naming and telling stories that can impact how their mission is being pursued. This is to be a gathering of stories when member churches, at a local or a national level, felt led to challenge powerful structures, attitudes or people.  CWM is in the midst of gathering stories that touch on areas such as:

Prophetic Witness:

Costly witness to Christ/Evangelism in the public square

Standing with vulnerable people

Political change and transformation:

Solidarity with indigenous people

Harbouring refugees

Environmental Justice:

Addressing climate change

Economic Justice:

Churches working on creating new models of finance, Human trafficking projects

Creating a more inclusive and welcoming community:

Churches tackling patriarchy and prejudice

Creating inclusive communities through women in ministry, engaging respectfully with issues of human sexuality and diversity etc

Honouring the gifts and leadership of people of all abilities

Giving platform to the radical voice of young people

Interfaith Work:

Working in partnerships with people of other faiths or none

Healing and Reconciliation work:  From work with HIV+ people to work on peace-building or ethnic/communal tensions

Theological and biblical reflection can also be added to the historical narrative and possible ways these mission stories mirror biblical parables.

In this way, CWM hopes to:

  • underline the prophetic mission to which we are all called
  • find stories that can give us hope and inspiration in our current struggles
  • give thanks for the witnesses who show us the way