Building on the Accra confession in 2004 which emphasized that working to create a more just and sustainable world economy is essential to the integrity of the Christian faith, representatives from Council for World Mission (CWM), World Council of Churches (WCC), and what is now the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) formed an alliance to explore how the confession should be put into practice in mission.

Oikotreejustice at the heart of faith – is one of the fruits of this alliance, an ecumenical space in which a movement of those seeking to live faithfully in the midst of economic injustice and ecological destruction can take shape. Sponsored by CWM, WCC and WCRC, it is open to individuals, local churches, people’s movements and all who share a concern for justice and the healing of the nations.

Launched in December 2008, it works through a user-generated, networking website – – and events to equip advocates and develop resources, steered by a Facilitating Group appointed by the three sponsoring bodies.

DARE resources provide biblical and theological resources on the nine themes of CWM. These resources are intended for CWM members and made available through soft and hardcopy publications.

The Dare Conferences are opportunities for CWM to engage in biblical and theological conversation at a scholarly level. This takes CWM’s commitment to education into another sphere: CWM has supported schools and seminaries throughout the world, and Dare is an opportunity for CWM to contribute toward directing biblical and theological scholarship into the future.