CWM has been involved in the organization of cross-cultural exchange to enable a wider global dialogue on theology, spirituality and mission for several years now. One of the means for facilitating this dialogue has been through Face to Face, a six-week programme that aims to invite the students preparing for ministry in cultural, social, theological and contextual realities to understand, to motivate and to engage with the realities on how the fullness of life is being denied to the large majority of the world’s population. It was hoped that this immersion would enable theological students to reflect on both the motivation and method of mission in different parts of the world and bring this reflection back to their own contexts.

Over the past few years, CWM has shifted from inter-cultural, missional immersions towards a deeper engagement with socio-political realities around the world – an outcome of CWM’s belief that resistance to Empire is essential to mission. The programme involves three separate but integrated aspects, immersion, reflection and seminars, to enable students to reflect on doing mission in the context of empire.

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