A Worldwide Partnership

CWM is a worldwide partnership of at least 32 denominations with a combined population of about 21.5 million Christians in over 50,000 congregations spread across 40 countries around the world; and also has a cross-section of partners committed to doing the same mission of discernment and engagement. Our location and identity not only provides us with a wide array of strategic opportunities, but also sets our global mission context which has been discerned to be in turmoil, as experienced by the vulnerable majority.  This requires us to eke out our strategic role as guided by our mission priorities in the pursuit of the fulfilment of our vision; particularly when doubt is being cast on the relevance of the church and the role of a mission organisation.

CWM understands its purpose as to further the work of Christian mission throughout the world, expressed through engagement in mission that is the outcome of collective discernment; intentionally member focussed; uncompromisingly contextual; and strategically ecumenical.