2021 marks forty years since the first Training in Mission (TIM) began in Sept 1981.  Over that time more than 400 young people have engaged together in realising CWM’s transformative mission ethos.  They have embodied missional discipleship as they have lived, studied, struggled, celebrated, wept and sung their way through the challenges Christ has called them to meet.  Their formation through TIM sent them back to their homes to be seeds of Christ’s new life and they will have grown and flowered in many varied ways.  Some of this will have been in ways that Church recognises, like ministry, but many more have offered their gifts beyond the narrow church space as they have lived out the changes effected in them by the profound encounters TIM provides.

The celebration will give CWM, member churches and partners a chance to:

  • Give thanks for the work of the TIM programme and offer up our rejoicing in the contribution the participants have made in all areas of the church’s life and beyond;
  • Gather as many of the former participants and connect them afresh; and
  • Offer a platform for further insight and contribution into the current CWM mission ethos: Rising to Life

For more information, do reach out to us at – CWMTIM40@cwmission.org

  • First Training in Mission group in Sept 1981