Christian theology and spirituality has in the past and continues to provide legitimacy for the second-class status of women in the world and exclude their gifts and talents from the ministry of the Church. The church has played and continues to play a large, if not fundamental role, in the oppression of women, in both church and society today.

As an organisation committed to the resistance of empire as being the legitimate form of mission in our context today, CWM recognises patriarchy – that has infiltrated our structures, institutions, policies and theology – as the primary obstacle to freedom and equality in church and society. Therefore, as part of living out our commitment to justice, we recognize the sinfulness of patriarchy and work towards its deconstruction and annihilation.

CWM has dedicated resources to building a community of women and the creation of a critical mass of women – especially young women – who are empowered for a critical and creative resistance to patriarchy, and contribute towards constructive alternatives envisioning a different society.