17 – 28 April 2015

A group of four members from the Churches of Christ in Malawi, United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China and Congregational Federation visit the local churches of GCU from 17-28 April 2015 to learn and share with each other experiences and different approaches in developing transformative and life affirming communities.

The visit is part of CWM’s Team Visit Programme which is a multi-year initiative where selected members of CWM churches will have the opportunity to visit another member body to share and learn about the life and witness of the church and to further equip member churches with the skills and resources to assist them develop their local churches and congregations to become transformative and life affirming communities.

CWM recognises that every member of the community is rich in experience, and through this programme of mutual learning, we are enabling the sharing of perspectives and approaches as well as exchanges of ideas and insights among members, in line with CWM’s mission statement:

Called to partnership in Christ to mutually challenge, encourage and equip churches to share in God’s mission


By: Mission Enabling Team