The Council for World Mission, a worldwide community of 31 churches, of which The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China is a member, expresses support and stands in solidarity with the HKCCCC at this time in their condemnation and appeal against the unnecessary and unacceptable use of police violence against unarmed protesters in Hong Kong; and in their quest for peace and reconciliation.

It is clear that in this time of deep political turmoil, crucial decisions that will determine the life and identity of citizens in Hong Kong need to be made.  We pray for the SAR government and for wisdom in their response to the people’s call for universal suffrage.  We strongly condemn the use of violence by security forces against civilians and peaceful protesters.  And we urge all who are rallying publicly for universal suffrage in Hong Kong to do so in peaceful and non-violent manner.

The HKCCCC is engaging actively with this issue and intends to accompany the people in their struggle for justice through peaceful means.  The Church will continue to pray for those involved and care for those in need.  CWM prays with the Church in Hong Kong for the positive and just resolution of this delicate situation, and hopes that the decision made allows both the government and people to move closer to a place of peace, where the path to the future clearly considers the interests of all concerned.