During the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan (PCT)’s recent General Assembly, CWM General Secretary Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum sent a short video greeting, where he affirmed PCT’s active partnership in “facilitating the mission for peace and justice in the world, especially through the Taiwan Ecumenical Forum (TEF)”.

He spoke about how PCT “never compromised its stance on the issue of justice and self-determination despite the challenges and oppression”, and mentioned its recent statement on the conflict in Ukraine as another example of the church’s commitment to peace and life.


Rev. Dr Keum emphasized God’s call to transforming discipleship, and how it invites us to be disciples who are constantly open to being transformed individually and communally in following of the mission of Jesus, stating: “As the church of Christ, we are called to advocate for prophetic witness to transform and heal this wounded world.”

The CWM General Secretary then concluded with congratulations to PCT’s women ministry for its centennial anniversary and expressed sincere appreciation for PCT and its leadership for its ongoing partnership in mission and ecumenical movement with CWM, assuring them of CWM’s continual journey in solidarity with Taiwanese churches and people.