The Bishop of Barishal Diocese of the Church of Bangladesh (COB) paid pastoral visits to several Jobarpar and Khulna deaneries in August. During his visits, he discussed various church issues with local church individuals and pioneers, especially stewardship, and self-reliance of the local parish and the Diocese. Through awareness programmes and tree-planting programmes, Barishal dioceses took steps towards creation care. An example was the Micro-Credit programme office in Indrokani. He encouraged church members to start a tree plantation programme, converting the idle land into a fruit orchard, and to repair a tin-shed house to make it usable and income-generating.

Church leaders in various geographical locations sought his advice on local matters during his visits to parishes, villages, hostels, and several projects. He inaugurated the Rahutpara Compassion Project, and encouraged attendees at children, youth and women seminars to grow in faith and respond to the needs of under-privileged people, as well as assuring them of God’s care. Health and nutrition programmes continued, teaching participants proper handwashing and wearing of masks to stay safe in the pandemic.