Several ecumenical organisations have released a new resource – a Zacchaeus Tax toolkit to “educate and enable churches to organise around the question of tax justice”. This follows the recent “Tax the rich, save the planet” discussion organised as a COP26 side event, where they explored how a reformed, global tax and economic system can deliver equity and act on the climate crisis.

The toolkit covers the theology of taxation and the Zacchaeus story, to equip and empower churches to take up the role of “encouraging national and international systems of taxation that: reward work and redistribute gains, promote gender justice and ecological sustainability, and penalise ‘public bads’ such as speculative, polluting, and resource-depleting activities”.

There are practical suggestions and resources for churches to raise awareness and design a nation-wide campaign. Also included are bible studies, liturgical resources, and a reflection story for children to encourage reflection and discussion.

Click to download the digital version and the print version of ZacTax toolkit, and begin to raise awareness, equip and mobilise your community to take action.


The Zacchaeus Tax campaign was launched by Council for World Mission and its ecumenical partners as a side event at the United Nations (UN) High-level Political Forum in 2019. This campaign is part of the framework of the New International Financial and Economic Architecture (NIFEA) project supported by World Council of Churches (WCC), World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and World Methodist Council (WMC).