As the world battles COVID19, we are seeing a resurgence of racism and xenophobia towards the Chinese and other Asians, and remember those who also suffered racism during the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

The “Legacies of Slavery” (LOS) project was designed in 2017 as a way for CWM and its member churches to gain a better grasp of the urgency of racial justice and its related issues. Bearing in mind our origins as London Missionary Society (LMS), which was founded before slavery abolished, CWM sought to assess its story and complicity with the systems of slavery, while finding ways to advocate reparation with our member churches and discover anti-Imperial models of Christian mission in today’s world.

Through four LOS hearings based in several countries in 2017 and 2018, stories of anguish during the transatlantic slave trade were both heard and acknowledged, with follow up recommendations submitted to the CWM Board that outline commitment towards financial reparation, among other initiatives.

We have put together this page for you to take a journey exploring the background and outcomes of the LOS project, and you can find out more through these resources recommended for further reading.  Click here to begin: