The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Trinity Congregation in Lusaka Central recently embarked on a two-year project building a two-storey church building to cater to an increasing church membership. With the wings of the old structure and the Manse demolished, the new building is projected to accommodate 2,000 members, up from its current physical capacity of 400 members.

Mr Cephas Katongo, Rev. Chipasha Mubaba and other lay leaders

“The remaining part of (the) old structure will be preserved as part of the national heritage,” said Rev. Emmanuel Bwalya, Trinity Congregation Minister in Charge.

During the homily on “Reaffirming the Place of Divine Encounter”, UCZ General Secretary, Rev. Chipasha Mubaba encouraged church members to view this project as an opportunity to connect with God, while Board Chairman for the UCZ Chimwemwe Radio Station Mr Cephas Katongo reminded them to embrace evangelism, spiritual growth, infrastructure development as integral to church development.