UCZ Synod Headquarters released a second pastoral letter on COVID-19 in end April, following consultative meetings with the Presbytery Bishops, the UCZ COVID-19 taskforce report, and after the President of the Republic of Zambia Dr Edgar Lungu’s national address.

During his address, President Lungu gave guidance on the national management of COVID-19, and said that as “drastic change to current preventive and control measures could erode the gains attained and the situation could get out of control, modifying control measures will be informed by the evolution of the outbreak”.

As the President’s guidance is conditional on the abilities of congregations to practising social distancing, the mandatory use of face masks, sanitising and hand-washing guidelines, UCZ has advised that worship services, group meetings, Holy Communion and other related activities remain suspended. The mode of offering as prescribed earlier will continue, wrote the Acting Synod Bishop and UCZ General Secretary.