United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Synod Bishop His Grace Bishop Sydney Sichilima is urging political leaders to dissuade their cadres from violent campaigns before the upcoming General Elections. During elections in recent years, politicians have mobilised their followers along tribal and regional lines, leading to ethnic-based voting and identity-based violence.

“Engaging in violence is retrogressive to the peacefulness of this country. Zambia is a Christian nation and this should reflect in the way we conduct our politics. We should not reach an extent of killing each other for the sake of money because peace is more important,” said Bishop Sichilima, who was speaking during the farewell service for Deaconess Chileshe Kafwimbi.

Image caption: Police officers (right) try to control suspected riotous UPND cadres at Woodlands police station in Lusaka. Credit: Lusaka Times