Former Training in Mission (TIM) participants, partners, church leaders and staff joined CWM’s TIM40 celebratory service held on Zoom on 24 September, 6 PM Singapore Time. This was a culmination of a series of virtual roundtable events held since last September to commemorate the 40th anniversary of TIM Programme.

The worship and thanksgiving service began with a reading led by Goodwin Zainga (TIM 1995), Churches of Christ in Malawi (CCM) based on Acts 2:17, declaring that they were gathering as people touched by the Spirit and called to doing justice, challenging systems, and building relationships, with an “outpouring of joy and determination for life to flourish in Christ’s way”.

The gathering then heard from the CWM General Secretary, Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum who affirmed that TIM is one of the most impactful and longest-serving training programmes in the ecumenical world, having trained over 400 young people who are mostly serving as leaders in churches, ecumenical organisations and theological institutions today, and a time of prayer led by Jooeun Kim (TIM 2019) in Korean and English.

This was followed by reflections by Lim Sok Yee (TIM 2007), Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia (GPM), who shared that TIM was an eye-opening, life-changing experience where she “understood the meaning of mission in a more wholesome way”. She returned with a spark lit within that guided her to continue to lead mission teams to China annually before she became a full-time missionary in China in 2013.

Another poignant reflection was shared by Christopher Latchman (TIM 2019), Guyana Congregational Union (GCU) who attested to how the TIM Programme presented new concepts for most of them that “started and deepened their understanding of how poisonous and stagnant their theology can be” and ignited their passion to see a just, free and safe world for all.

Witnessing the seeds sown in former participants during their stints in the TIM programme led to an “Out-Pouring” of blessing on TIM40, before a meaningful time of prayer and sharing. In this next programme segment, attendees were placed in chat rooms to connect and share with former TIM participants, before they returned for a prayer of dedication where they committed to seeking peace and affirming justice for all, and pursue God’s promise of life with dignity and worth for those suffering.

The event drew to a close after CWM Deputy General Secretary – Programmes, Dr Sudipta Singh commissioned them to go forth into the world in the power of the Spirit, and be unshakeable as they give themselves to the work of the Lord, knowing that their efforts will never be rendered naught.

Dated 26 September 2022