This year’s Training in Mission (TIM) Programme began on 1st May as participants from Taiwan, Samoa, South Korea, United Kingdom, Cayman Islands, Zambia, South Africa and Kiribati arrived in New Zealand to commence the Programme.

Throughout the first week of orientation, Rev. Dr. Nasili Vaka’uta provided an introduction to the Programme, Church and Mission, and Theology. Lecturer in Maori Studies at the Trinity College Ms. Te Aroha Rountree introduced the group to the basics of Maori language and culture in New Zealand while Maria Fe Labayo (Peachy) from the Council for World Mission (CWM) provided an orientation to CWM and the TIM Programme.

Engaging in Theology and Mission Studies

The TIM Programme is currently heading into week 5 where participants have gained an understanding in the foundation of Theology studies and contextual reading of the Bible. Through the engagement of contextual reading, participants have been able to relate Scripture to issues of economic distress, climate change, colonization, and other characteristics of “Empire”.

Expectations of Participants

Participants hope to gain a deeper understanding of God, their faith, of their context and their church’s place in the midst of it. Participants also expect to gain a deeper understanding of ‘self’ as they are exposed to different cultures, people, and religions throughout the programme. This exposure will provide a wider understanding of mission and will help participants to see beyond the issues of their country and their context. At the end of the programme, participants expect CWM and their respective churches to support them in their efforts to bring a new perspective of church, faith, and mission to their context.