The Word Becoming Flesh” by Dr George Zachariah is the final book of the “Re-imagining Church as Event: Perspectives from the Margins” series.

Bible is a resource that can inspire, convict, condemn, transform and heal us and our communities. Reading the Bible from locations of power and privilege makes the Bible a hegemonic weapon to perpetuate the prevailing order built on the shoulders of the subalterns. The subaltern imagination to reclaim the Word and to read their stories in the Scripture has transformed biblical texts into a counter-hegemonic resource for liberation. For those of us who continue to cherish and benefit from our caste, gender and class privilege, wrestling with the Bible, informed by the voices from the margins, can become a “Damascus experience,” unmasking our privilege and hypocrisy. This book is a compilation of biblical reflections and homilies that can inspire us to enflesh our faith even as we witness the Word becoming flesh in our midst.

This is what reviewers have to say:

Biblical research and study are not merely an academic/intellectual exercise but ultimately a way to respond to God. These reflections apply Scripture to the problems of society and are directed to the membership of the church. The aim is to stir the imagination of the reader and to provoke action. It is hoped that these essays seen both as a synthesis of biblical studies and ethics and as a series of reflections on what it means to witness to the imperatives of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a fractured and groaning world contribute to enfleshing the Word towards transformation and change.

Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon
Pilgrim Theological College, University of Divinity,
Melbourne, Australia

Working for Justice and Liberation for all who are marginalised and oppressed is an essential part of our mission and work as Christians and these reflections will give us the spiritual grounding to carry out our responsibilities towards the establishment of the Kin[g]dom of God. The Word of God as proclaimed in these reflections seeks to provoke the kind of “disturbance” that God requires in the exploitative ‘status quo.’

Sunil Caleb
Principal, Bishop’s College, Kolkata

Cover Illustration by Immanuel Paul Vivekanand K.