The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (UCJCI) has urged its congregations to be compliant with COVID-19 safety protocols following the community spread across the island. Jamaica has recently seen increasing deaths, a daily increase in infections, and a fall in recovery rate for COVID-19 cases.

This was the advisory issued on 30 September to UCJCI ministers, lay pastors and congregational boards by the UCJCI COVID-19 Response Team, which meets every two weeks. The Committee also reflected on several issues caused by the pandemic that were common throughout the four regions: lack of fellowship for people unable to attend worship services or be in physical contact with others; vulnerable groups that are being left behind; weariness of workers in some sectors; concern about children’s education owing to lack of internet access, devices, and uncertainty about pedagogy; and spiritual dryness for all.

The good news in Cayman is that it now appears COVID-19-free, and most United Churches in Cayman have resumed physical church services.