Through its process of renewal and transformation over the years, the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (UCJCI) has reflected on its complicity in a system propagating and profiting from the enslavement of African for centuries. During that time, slavery not only enriched families, family-owned businesses and nations, but also churches in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. In fact, the Colonial Church Union existed in the 19th century to quell slave resistance or uprising.

Seeking true emancipation and social justice for the captives, UCJCI firmly supports the call for reparations from relevant state authorities, and is seeking to set an example of introspection, repentance and restitution through their global network. Also, it is calling on former colonial masters to compensate formerly enslaved people and the lingering legacies that stifle their development. With an upsurge of consciousness of the historical damage done to black identity and lives in the world, there is now greater acceptance that the slavery has been one of the greatest atrocities of human history.

Read this statement by The Church and Society Sub-Committee of the UCJCI.