All the staff members of the Council for World Mission (CWM) met in Singapore from 18-20 July 2022. It is the first all-staff gathering since the Covid-19 Pandemic. As the world slowly opens and travel restrictions are being lifted after two and half years of the pandemic that impacted CWM’s missional engagement with the member churches, the CWM’s global staff gathered in Singapore to discuss the plans for resuming and revitalising the mission work. This also happened with the intention of providing the staff with an opportunity of meeting one another, welcoming new staff members and collectively discerning the way forward in line with the New Programmatic Structure (NPC) and Staffing Plan.

Beginning with CWM’s 45th Anniversary Thanksgiving Worship Service held at the Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church, the first church in Singapore established by CWM’s forebearer, the London Missionary Society (LMS), the staff members engaged in productive spiritual as well as programmatic discernment.

As this is also the first All-Staff gathering for the General Secretary, Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum, who started to work with the CWM in the midst of the pandemic, he warmly welcomed the staff members. He expressed his vision of making the CWM staff family a more dynamic and vibrant community. He provided an in-depth orientation on the NPS and staffing plan and suggested a programmatic direction to the staff stressing his vision of transforming CWM into a global leader in missional engagement. Based on the NPS presented by the GS and the CWM’s strategic documents, the staff members gathered into teams, discussed relevant programmes and proposals for the year 2023 and presented them to other teams for input and feedback.

Prof. Dr Rommel Linatoc, a well-known liturgist and educator, was invited to lead the devotions and a Team bonding session. He inspired the staff members in rekindling our missional programmes by upholding peace and justice to foster life-flourishing communities.

Over the three days, the staff members have engaged in various activities and discussed various programmatic activities for 2023.