In Taiwan, the cultures and languages of indigenous people are disappearing and little is known about these real and original inhabitants of Taiwan. Through CWM’s Hearing God’s Cry Programme, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) has published a collection of stories entitled, Taiwan Indigenous Mission Stories, to give voice to these indigenous people.

PCT Program Secretary for Ecumenical Relations Rev. Lian Chin-Siong Joshua, tells us more about this book.
The Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan is the origin of the Austronesian family. However, they have lived through colonial occupation by the Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and finally the administration of the Chinese Nationalist Party (the Republic of China). There are 16 officially recognized tribes, but altogether constituting only less than 5 percent of the Taiwanese population.

Nevertheless, they have the highest percentage of Christian population among the ethnic groups in Taiwan. But their cultures and languages are disappearing. And little is known about these real and original inhabitants of Taiwan.

The PCT has about one-third of its congregations being indigenous. The PCT appreciated the Mission Stories project of the CWM to make these indigenous traditions and stories more well­known in the ecumenical family, as the relationship between culture and the gospel is key in multicultural Asia.

The PCT sincerely hopes that these stories will be an inspiration for further works on theology and mission. We thank the CWM for providing the inspiration and resources to make publishing this book possible. And we also thank CWM’s continuing support beyond the publication of this book on extended projects such as the Hearing God’s Cry (HGC) program which will utilize these materials further.

We hope through all of the works done here, the whole ecumenical family can benefit and encourage each other in striving for an abundantly blessed life through the stories of God’s mission in all of the inherited earth. -Rev. Lian Chin-Siong Joshua

If you wish to purchase a copy, please email for details.

An extract from the book, ‘The Weeping God’ was featured in the first issue of INSiGHT. You can download and view it here.