Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 66:6

A beautiful Moana (Ocean) is what I was blessed with by God.
It is a symbol of life and hope in connection with humankind.
It is an Moana full of mysterious creatures that the sea will never know.
It is a reflection of our own lives,
where we begin to appear, return, stranded and be found again.
It is where I gained all that I need for survival.
I wonder what life could be without moana

The vast Moana is an open gate for
Travellers around the globe
to experience and explore the beauty of the world
My people journeyed across the islands
Fishermen fishes for food and survival
Merchants exports across the countries
Expensive stones are being mined and sold
Oils are being extracted and export
Swimmers and surfers enjoyed my hospitality
Divers are attracted to see the secrets of the Moana
I wonder what life could be without Moana

Men and women
singing and dancing joyfully
to the beat of the fatele
Rejoicing and shouting for the catches of the day
A blessing from above.
I cannot bear to let go of you Moana
My entire life depends on you Moana
I wonder what life could be without Moana.

In times of trouble and frustration,
I turned to Moana for peace.
Though you are both wild and calm,
Dangerous and beautiful
BUT you’ve captured my heart.
For you is where I belong.
I will tell the fish of all my problems
I will stand still at the beach
Staring at the waves
Splashing at my toes
Washing away the pain and agony
Leaving me with faith and hope for a brighter tomorrow
I wonder what life could be
without Moana.

People of sky and earth
Hear my plea
Hear my cry
I am trapped in barbed wire full of garbage
I am suffocated in plastic bags
It’s time for a rebirth
It’s time to say no to deep sea mining
For you are once and will always be my tuakoi (neighbour)
I rise up to say
You my Moana, my life and livelihood
For nothing can separate me from my Moana
I wonder what life could be without Moana loa (open ocean).

Maina Talia

Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu (EKT)


  1. Te Atua (God) give us the courage and wisdom to protect and honour Moana as part of your creation;
  2. God, we ask that you PRAY for us to do what is ought to be done on earth! Amen.