1 Kings 17:8-16

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were rumours spreading around. Many places started to lockdown in order to halt the spread of coronavirus. People were then afraid of the failure of the supply chain. Therefore, the craziest thing happened all over the world: people tried to stock up (hoard) basic groceries. Different kinds of disinfectants and cleaners were all gone. The good news during the pandemic for many may have been that one could finally get several rolls of toilet paper and a box of surgical masks!

Currently we are advised to keep social distance to avoid physical contact, and therefore WFH (which can stand for “work from home” and “worship from home”) becomes the ‘new normal’ in our daily lives. In this case, we may feel we have nothing left to share and we may be reluctant to give a helping hand to others.

The familiar story of the widow of Zarephath who had given out all she could to host the stranger, the prophet Elijah, offers a great challenge today. The unnamed widow and her son were struggling in the midst of a drought. The only thing they had left was “a handful of meal in a jar, and a little oil in a jug” (17:12) and it was to be their last supper. It was reasonable enough for the widow to reject helping a total stranger. Surprisingly, the widow did as Elijah predicted: she made Elijah a little cake and then prepared food for herself and her son. And the result? “The jar of meal was not emptied, neither did the jug of oil fail” (17:16) for many days.

Miracles happen! When we are willing to share and show loving kindness to others, God will bless us way beyond our imagination. The widow of Zarephath was a testimony to this. The small boy who had offered five loaves and two fish, made it possible for Jesus to feed 5,000 people. This is the Good News in the time of difficulties and selfishness. We have to share even if it seems that we have nothing left and let the Good News be seen!

-Wong Ka Fai, Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China


Our dear Lord, you are our shepherd and we shall not want. In times of difficulties, we tend to focus on ourselves and have forgotten our neighbours and those in need. Please forgive our selfishness. May your love urge us to take care of the least among us, bringing hope to the anxiety and despair around and within us.

Prayer Points

Church Of Bangladesh

Pray for the children and youth who are at home for long time since March 2020 for shut down of the educational institutions due to Novel Corona, that they may cope with the situation.

Beg for the sick, that they will get access to the care and treatment they need.

Ask for peace and stubbornness amidst suffering.

Pray for those in isolation who are cut off from their normal routines and support systems, that they would seek their strength in Jesus.

God is our shelter and strength, a very present help in distress.

Pray for the people who have lost their job of livelihoods, they may find the means to live on depending on God.

Pray for the new Synod Executive Committee along with different standing committees so that we can follow the words of God to achieve the vision of the Church of Bangladesh.