Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture: Luke 12:32-40


The book of Luke chapter twelve speaks of the parable that reflects the foolishness of attaching too much importance to wealth. It is introduced by a member of the crowd listening to Jesus, who tries to enlist Jesus ‘ help in a family financial dispute: One of the multitude said to him,”Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me.”

The Father delights to give us the kingdom. We need to sell our possessions and give them to those in need in order to store up treasures in heaven.

Like servants awaiting the return of their master from a wedding, we need to be ready the moment Christ returns. He will reward those who are ready by Himself serving them.

If a home owner knew when the burglar was coming he would not let the robber in. We must also be prepared for the son of man.

The work of the kingdom of God must always be our first priority. If possessions are a distraction we must get rid of them in order to invest in God’s kingdom.

Jesus could turn up at any time for a surprise inspection! What will He find when He checks on my life?

This is not supposed to fill us with dread. If Jesus checks in with me today and finds I am serving His purposes then He will reward me perhaps serving my needs.

This is a mystery of the kingdom. We work hard to serve the Lord, but along the way we find such fellowship with Him that He is blessing us. The task we thought we had to do becomes joy.

To God Be The Glory.


-Joshua Iagata, United Church in Papua New Guinea


Gracious God In Heaven.

Give us the willing heart to serve you joyfully and diligently. Help and direct us to give with a open heart to those who are in need of our help and stand by us always so that we do what the kingdom requires us to do.

With your love, Mercy and your Guidance your will shall be done. In Jesus name, Amen.

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