1 Samuel 2:14-11, (12-15), 16-20, (11:14-15); Psalm 138; Genesis 3:8-15; Psalm 130; 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1; Mark 3:20-35

“Life-flourishing creation” calls us to actions rooted in our world now and in the future. It is future-looking because at the moment we are struggling to break away from Babylon, meaning we are still spiritually, economically and politically chained by Babylon whose political ideologies and economic endeavours harm creation. The concept “life-flourishing creation” speaks of humanity’s capacity and calling to deal with the challenges of life. The suggested readings connect the theme to creation. The fact that life-flourishing is connected to creation and stewardship means that humans have choices and it is out of those choices that the created world is destroyed or can be saved.

Genesis 3:8-15 details the fall of human beings whose call was to take care of creation as a trusted and responsible steward. However, before the fall, humanity was living in peace and harmony with creation and it provided them food, water and company. The fall and the human nakedness which resulted means we are exposed to economic harshness, but creation is now naked also and vulnerable to the same. Rising from the fall means eco-justice is urgent in our mission priorities. Humans are called to join God in the protection of the created world as stewards and also as beneficiaries.

Sindiso Jele, Council for World Mission


Dear God of love and peace, we pray for your guidance as we discern how to join in your mission in saving the groaning creation. Amen.

Prayer Points

Partner in Mission

Pray about the issue of crime and violence in Jamaica

Gang violence is a reality in Jamaica which continues to claim thousands of innocent lives every year and the situation seems to be getting worse. Efforts by the government to curb this violence have not been effective. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers themselves have not been spared from the brutal killers who seem to have no regard for anyone. Many people live in great fear as these trigger-happy individuals claim lives without any reason.

Pray for single mothers in Jamaica

Almost 60% of Jamaican families are headed by single mothers, the majority of whom have no stable source of income making them exposed to all sorts of negative activities just to meet the needs of their families. Other single mothers end up in abusive relationships which they cannot leave because the abusers are the breadwinners and financers. This dehumanising experience has led to loss of lives and pressure on the older generation who has to take care of the children left behind.

Lembe Sivile, CWM Partner in Mission (Caribbean)

Image source: “Discerning signs of the times against Empire” by a collaboration of six artists (CWM Global Painting Retreat 2016)