Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture: Jeremiah 18: 1-11, Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18


This metaphor underlines the key message of Jeremiah, the eight century Prophet. We are like the Clay, in the hands of God, who is, the master Potter. What Prophet Jeremiah saw in the Potter’s house offers us lessons for personal transformation.

The clay in the hands of the Potter had gone through a process in order to reach its final stage. Working at his wheel, the Potter made the pot from the marred clay. Jeremiah saw that the Potter noticed a lump of clay that seemed uncooperative, it was defective, not perfect, it was flawed so the Potter decided to start again, working at his wheel, and decided to shape it or form it into another pot, making something that seemed good to the Potter to make. This twisted or marred lump of clay failed to express the potter’s thought and imagination and vision. Although the marred clay failed to express the Potter’s thought and imagination there is still good news! The good news is, the marred clay was never abandoned! The Potter had removed the excess and smoothened the rough edges by the grinding wheel. Finally, he places it in the fire to seal the mended parts to make it exceptional.

The wisdom of God’s word teaches us that personal change and transformation begins when we recognize that God is able and has the ability to transform us. We must be willing to be the clay in the hands of God, the Master Potter. Amidst your adversities and life’s journey of failures, deficiencies, disappointments, and setbacks God still loves you.

The Psalmist knows this experience of personal change and transformation begins from the knowledge of the self (Psalms 139:1-18). We must become aware and conscious of who we are in relation to God. God is willing and is always ready to help us. There is a second chance. God is a God of second chances. God is ready to mould and shape you. Take the positive side of your adversities which God often uses in situations to grind out the rough edges and to remove the excess within us because they are not part of God’s will for our lives. We must allow space and room within ourselves for change, growth and transformation to be exceptional persons.

-Reverend Koloma Make, United Church in Papua New Guinea


Pray for personal change and transformation of the self.

Pray for Chaplains in churches to develop empowerment programs for men, women, and students in special education schools, tertiary and University campuses within CWM family.