Reformation Day

Mark 12:28-34

God breathed life into humankind. It is a breath of life with a purpose. A purpose that has a service of hope and love. Life here is meant to flourish like creation in its diversity. This is a spiritual nourishing of the mind, heart and soul that is gifted to each and every one of us. It reflects God’s economy of life for all. Such life can be seen in the conversation between Jesus and the scribe. An opportunity to seek Jesus’ advice for a life-flourishing economy for the Jews and gentiles together. Also, an opportunity for spiritual renewal, and understanding of which of God’s commandments should be foremost and embodied in the hearts of people and the wider community. The scribe was satisfied with Jesus’ answer. Loving our neighbours is loving God also.

We should not doubt our purpose in life – that is to serve God with all our heart, mind and soul, as we live out love for each other. This is what creates a life-flourishing economy, the Jesus way. Working together, encouraging each other, are some of the ways to boost the economy of God. If we know God in our hearts, it shows through our actions towards our neighbours. It will show in our working for reconciliation, peace and justice in our societies.

The grace of God is for all: each and every one of us created in God’s own image. This grace calls to live lives that are free of hate in our relationships with other people. If laws imposed by the government for the protection of our society are implemented out of love and not hate, we are therefore prospering in God’s love with one another. All works must be done out of love.

A life-flourishing economy can be seen by the fruits of our labour in caring for one another. Once we get into this habit in our everyday lives, we will taste the sweetness of God’s love in Christ Jesus. God would be delighted.

-Faletua Tekimatang Uilelea, Congregational Christian Church in Samoa


Pray for God’s Spirit to renew our hearts, mind and soul

Pray that we may serve God by catering to the needs of others. Pray for understanding and forgiveness

Pray to share the love of Christ to one another

Pray that God may give us strength to witness to full and flourishing life for all.

Prayer Points

Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

Prayer for funerals and bereavements

From the rising of the sun to its setting, may your holy name be praised, O God. You are the God of our ancestors, of history, and the future. The mysterious God of life, death and eternity. Today, we face a difficult situation. This pandemic COVID-19 has changed our landscape, forcing new normalities upon us.

Death, O Lord, has always been our most painful experience in life. The finality and ending of life rocks everyone to their core. Today, many cannot attend or be present at the funerals of loved ones. We cannot gather to comfort and support one another. We grieve alone, mourning for our beloved and also for our families and friends.

Lord God, cover us with your love, your comfort, your Holy Spirit.

Prayer for lost income and jobs

Holy, holy, holy God, heaven and earth are full of your glory. We draw closer to you this day in humility and trust.

The whole world has been shaken due to COVID-19. Every nation is suffering the loss of lives. Waves after waves of struggles and hardships pound our lives to helplessness.

Near the heart of communities, churches and families is its finances. Many have lost jobs, incomes and homes. Tension, uncertainty and hopelessness is the new normal many are experiencing. Brokenness, shame, and disillusion are a new situation for many. Holy God, hear the cries of your people.

We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer concerning the lack of face-to-face interaction

Praise the Lord, O my soul. Praise your holy name. Lord God almighty, there is none like you.

We pray as people of faith nurtured and raised in Christianity. Our existence, hopes and dreams are founded and centred on Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour. Look upon our situation, O God, and please give us understanding. Today, all over the world, many miss face-to-face interaction in daily living. We do not congregate and gather. We miss this way of life and we pray that we make the most of every opportunity to be grateful and thankful.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.