Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture: Psalm 30


There are moments in our lives when we feel desperate and hopeless. Our faiths are always shaken, by the many challenges we face in this world. It seems that the sky has fallen on the top of our head. There is no way and place to escape. We are like a bird with broken wings, unable to fly or even move just lying there ready to die. But we seek help and healing.

These past three years the Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the world, taken millions of lives. Our everyday living, work, businesses, and even Church life have been affected by the pandemic. People have to be locked in their homes. Freedom and rights to move and travel are just dreams. Companies and shops were out of business. Work has to be done remotely from homes. It was impossible for people to gather in houses of worship. And the list of disadvantages to humans can continue.

But the Psalms teaches us that amidst all these sufferings, inside the pit of death the Lord is there. The God of life, the Creator, the Redeemer would not let his servant, his people down. He hears and listens to our cry for help. He wants us to be closer to and to seek refuge in Him. For those who put their trust in the Lord death is not the end. His steadfast love is forever and his grace is new every morning. There is always day after the dark. Jesus is our light, the light of the world. He has come to rescue us from our suffering and heals us.

Let the world know that the Lord God is our only help. He is the only one who brought us out of darkness and puts us in the wonderful light. Death and its foes have no power over our life anymore. Our help comes from the Lord who made the heaven and Earth. Our life must be full of praise and thankfulness as He is the only one who has already taken us from death to life, the everlasting life in Jesus in his Kingdom. Do not forget his grace for us. For he is the only one who has the Kingdom, the power, the glory for ever and ever. Give thanks to Him that you are alive and may your living be a foretaste of the eternal life in God’s Kingdom.


God helps us to deeply understand his path, and everything that happens in our life.  We always glorify the Lord forever as He is the only one who has already turned our mourning into dancing through Jesus Christ. The world will be healed from any sorts of diseases.

-Rev. Lala Rasendrahasina

Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM)