Isaiah 9:2-7

We end this year with a promise, a hope and a dream. Many of us may feel like we are walking around in darkness, in a world filled with war, despair and disappointments. However, yesterday we celebrated Christmas, the day the light of the world was born and the true ruler of the world became a human being. Isaiah 9 paints a picture of what Christ’s reign looks like: a reign characterised by joy, peace, justice and righteousness. Those are characteristics that promote a life-flourishing economy.

In our world today we all seem to be fighting for our own rights, our own possessions and our own wealth, as individuals and as nations. There is no peace in our economy, there is no righteousness, justice or joy either. There is just a feeling of not enough, never enough. Nations wage war over scarce resources, individuals try to beat out their competitors by any means necessary. Is this really how we want to live our lives?

As Christ-followers we are called to reflect the reign of our prince of peace, our mighty God. In the year to come I want to encourage you to think about the way you live your life, does the way you earn and spend your money reflect the reign of Christ? Do you support companies who have unjust labour practices? Do you support companies that place profits first, not caring about the impact they have on the environment or their staff? Do you support businesses that have underhand dealings, take bribes, cut corners or ruthlessly deal with their competitors? Does your company or the company you work for promote peace, justice and righteousness in their business practices? How can you begin to change this? May the zeal of the Lord Almighty help you to accomplish this.

May you find joy in this next year as you reflect Christ’s reign in your life and may you live a life that reflects the themes of this year’s devotions: Life-flourishing Creation, Economy, Evangelism and Societies.

-Kim Brown, Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa


Mighty God, you are the giver of life. Help us as individuals and communities to reflect your reign in this dark world. Help us to reflect your light through our actions of peace, justice and righteousness in all aspects of our lives but especially through our economics. Amen.

Prayer Points

Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa

Almighty God, we thank you for your gift to us this day – love, hope, peace and joy wrapped up in a manger. Our great and awesome God come to us in the form of a helpless baby, to change the world as we know it. We thank you that through your life here on earth you showed us how to live and through your great sacrifice of love on the cross we have the gifts of forgiveness and eternal life.

Holy Spirit, this day and every day, help us to live out your love in all our relationships, to be bringers of your joy especially when the world is a dark and fear-filled place, to be peacemakers bringing reconciliation to a broken world and to cling to the hope of your promises that have already begun to be fulfilled.

In your precious name Lord Jesus we pray, Amen.