Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture: Hosea 1:2-10


In the midst of many world atrocities women continue to suffer in the hands of men. Many actions have been taken to stop this prejudice. I believe one of the most contributing factors to the mistreatment of women in our societies today is our interpretation of biblical text. It is hard enough to try and abstract an interpretation that will not see the abuse of women when reading text like Hosea 1: 2 – 10. But if we do not liberate the culture behind the text, we can never find liberation at all in our work for justice, especially with regard to gender inequality.

It is easy to read and say that this comparison of Gomer to Judah’s unfaithfulness in a common language is seen across the bible. Even in the New Testament the language of the bride of Christ signifies the bride as somewhat inferior to Christ shows the dominance of masculinity in the Christian faith. The same worldview we use to read the rest of scripture and we find no problem when Gomer is prostituted in order draw a spiritual underpinning.

Why can’t Hosea as a prophet, a leader of his people in religious matters, or the priests, the Kings, who were leaders be used to demonstrate Judah’s unfaithfulness to God? What about Gomer, a woman? Is it because she cannot protest? Is it because whatever has been decided for her comes from a gender that believe they are superior?

Gomer needs to be liberated. For the sake of our mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters, we must liberate Gomer from such human-made divine authority that enslave women. If we cannot do this, the Hosea text will never be liberating.

-Kimere Riuteti, Kiribati Uniting Church


Pray for the women of this world who are suffering from male domination and injustices.

Pray for Christians to find new liberating ways of interpreting the scripture, and to read it in a way that is life-giving and liberating.

Pray for young women who are being trafficked for profit, human greed, and male-comfort

Pray for women who have come to believe that they are indeed inferior, pray for a change of mindset.