Third Sunday after the Epiphany

Scripture: Psalm 63:1-8

Psalms 63:1-8 is one of the most intriguing narratives in ways that acknowledges the mighty act of God’s mercy and upholds the tendency to keep this manner. David has been experiencing threats from his own son, Absalom who intended to overthrow his father from the throne. Such difficulties and hardships like this, David was fleeing to safeguard his own life- this situation allows him to rely more and more on God’s guidance and provision. He is longing for his own God- knowing that nothing can defend and embrace his life besides God. His actions encoded by each verse- stating with confidence that God never changes, even in desolated and isolated places; God always listens with great concern. Additionally, part of that encoding also extends to portray another purpose of our well-being- to praise God continually with our lips, hands, souls and so on.

Therefore, the narrative itself invites each one of us to focus our attention to see how God interacts with his chosen people in times of difficulties where hope is uncertain and life is at stake. The fact is this: David’s longing for God’s mercy depicts the reality of human beings like us- that metaphorically refers to a spiritual thirst and hunger for God’s abundance in every aspect of life. We too have been experiencing such difficult stages in life and whenever we encountered the rising tide of fear and an increasing sense of vulnerability due to the coronavirus, act of injustices and violence, corruption in political parties and churches (just to name a few), our thirst and hunger for God’s assistance is the only solution to all. Jesus affirms God’s mighty act and faithfulness to the world since he laid down his life for all of us.

– Teraoi Euta, Kiribati Uniting Church


Almighty and most merciful God, our Father and Mother of all times,

We praise and honour your name, knowing that your unconditional love and merciful act will never cease whenever we call out unto you. You alone are our only Hope in times of uncertainties, our Shelter in times of fear, and our Provider in times of thirst and hunger. Empower us to be channels of your mission to our neighbours, our friends and families, to maintain the goodwill of your name here and everywhere. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen