Genesis 2:15-16; John 10:10b

The opening narratives of Genesis chapters 1 and 2, depict and affirm a creation which is good and in harmony, ideal for life to flourish for all God’s creatures, especially humankind. Humankind is offered life in abundance or fullness. From the beginning, the offer is for all human beings. For this reason, God charged Adam and Eve, and by implication humankind of every age and culture, to tend and care for God’s creation so that it would provide life-flourishing conditions and spaces.

Sadly, fullness of life has been denied to countless human beings down through the ages through systems bent on stripping people of their humanity, such as slavery and apartheid designed to strip them of their humanity and so relegate them to a “less-than” human status. This rendering them ‘less than” humans has allowed for the rationalisation of denying them full human status, and the right to share in the abundance or fullness God desires and made possible for all. This sad situation is very much alive and still with us today.

Humankind’s selfishness and insatiable materialistic desire for more have caused so much brokenness and pain that a perception may have been created that fullness of life for all is neither possible nor achievable. Notwithstanding the images of brokenness, pain and systemic injustice constantly before us, I believe and encourage us to also believe that we are not alone. With God’s help, we can participate in renewing God’s creation towards a life-flourishing vision so as to ensure fullness of life for all human beings. Let us hold fast to pray constantly, make advocacy and work boldly, believing in the enabling grace of the Holy Spirit.

-Leander Warren, Guyana Congregational Union


Creator God, loving, gracious and giving, source of all that is good and perfect, we thank you for your life-flourishing creation. We pray that you will help all your children to have and enjoy life in fullness, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Points

Churches of Christ in Malawi

Currently our nation is experiencing lots of calamities, famine, flooding and diseases such as COVID-19, HIV and tuberculosis just to mention a few, bringing misery and hopelessness. This is a worrying and difficult situation.

Together in Christ we experience love, joy, confidence and hope. The bible attests that God gave each one of us unique gifts that bring positive change and provide hope.

May the Mighty Lord continue blessing and holding us together with a variety of gifts. Let us work together so as to achieve the intended goals. Amen.