Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus,

Greetings of Peace and Joy from the Council for World Mission (CWM) in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this new year, we are still grappling with various challenges and uncertainties caused by the ongoing Covid-19 global pandemic. The Pandemic also unveiled various social, political, and economic inequalities, and we continue to struggle with the structures that create these inequalities.

Nevertheless, it is my prayer that this year be kind to us, allowing us to meet one another and worship together. As people of God and as we walk by faith, we continue to hope that the power of God’s resurrection will provide us strength to overcome all these challenges.

I am pleased to present to you the ‘Sundays with CWM,’ a weekly devotional booklet intended to assist you as a resource to use during your personal, family or congregational gatherings to worship God. In the context of CWM celebrating 40 years of Training in Mission (TIM) programme, this year’s devotional booklet is a compilation of meditations written by the former TIM participants, most of whom are upcoming young leaders of our member churches.

As the former TIM participants, the contributors in this booklet share their faith, various missional experiences, and aspirations, I believe these meditations will help rekindle our faith and trust in the Lord. They provide us new insights and prayers for our weekly worship gatherings as we move towards transforming our families and congregations into life flourishing communities as part of the theme of our strategic framework, ‘Rise to Life: Confessing witness to life-flourishing communities.’

Keeping the ongoing pandemic and the challenges of printing and distributing the booklets in mind, we proceed with the e-booklets instead of the printed version. I would like to thank all the contributors of weekly devotions as well as our CWM staff for their commitment and hard work in bringing these devotional booklets available to all of us.

Wish you all a blessed and joy-filled year 2022.

Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum
CWM General Secretary

Click here to download Sundays with CWM 2022 (Jul-Sep).