1 John 4:17

CWM’s Confessing Witness statement gives shape to what it means to be ‘as he is, so are we in this world’:

Creation is hurting People are dying

The powerful are profiting God is crying, God is calling!

Our divisions are power constructs for the benefit of the powerful. Christ’s coming was to transgress the boundaries and borders of human life so that the New Heaven and Earth might come to subvert all our maps, means and methods of living.

Let us rise up and proclaim in the face of Babylon that humanity is one.

The earth is being despoiled for the profit of the few. Christ’s coming to raise up the lowly and bring down the wealthy was to proclaim and honour the common wealth of the New Heaven and Earth.

Let us rise up and proclaim in the face of Babylon that our economies must deliver life for all.

Our systems are filled with hunger that harms and destroys. Christ’s coming to challenge Empire’s hierarchy of life was to reveal that all created life is dignified, affirmed, included and blessed by God in the new Heaven and Earth it brings.

Let us rise up and proclaim in the face of Babylon that the last must be first, and those who want to be great must be the servants of all.

Let us rise up and proclaim in the face of Babylon that we can no longer live in ways which destroy the earth, that Christ’s coming was to show God so loved the world that all the world’s lives would be gathered up in the promise of the New Heaven and Earth.

In this spirituality of divine resistance, the counter-creation of God’s Spirit becomes known. And where the Spirit is present, new life, new worlds flourish.



God amongst the vulnerable and the exploited, God with the uprising movements,

God within the aching polluted earth, God beyond the confines of Babylon, You call us to be as you are in this world and thus embody ways of living in which

life flourishes, justice grows and peace takes hold.

-Peter Cruchley, Council for World Mission

Prayer Points

Congregational Union of New Zealand

Pray for the new government and all social and political changes (positive) they will bring to New Zealand.

Pray for new leadership of CUNZ. Mrs. Luisa Faitaua’s term as the Church Secretary has come to an end, and Mr. Harry Frost is now the new General Secretary.

Pray for CUNZ’s children and youth ministry.