Proverbs 31:10-31; Psalm 1

Proverbs 31 is an ode to the virtues of a spouse and mother who shapes her home with integrity, discipline, and creativity. All the virtues she is practicing aims at making the life of her family flourishing and towards serving God. What would our societies be without spouses, mothers, sisters and daughters?

What is said here of her is larger than family: revealed are virtues (generosity – resilience – care – attentiveness – wisdom – ingenuity) that build a village, grow a community and feed a nation. So, the ode and descriptors offer a picture of how a life-flourishing society ought to be and the role of women. She embodies a picture of industry and creativity so critical to thrive-ability in our life together. The text also suggests that this woman is innovative and motivates all sorts of people. She spends time in life-giving activities rather than wasting her time in the company of scoffers (Psalm 1).

Here are values to emulate that may bring forth life and hope even in situations where hope seems to be hopeless. This text calls us to a life deploying gifts of creativity and innovation. It is about more than hard work: it is also about good work, rest, leisure and a focus on the common good. It is not work for selfish gain. Life will not flourish around greed. This text with its rich imageries challenges all of us. As long as our societies are not as innovative as the woman in Proverbs 31, they will remain poor and laughing stock. Here is a text that offers an opportunity to allow good news to speak into some of the most long-reaching and painful inequalities of our common life. The text also evokes inspired portrayals of what faithful living is about.

– Collins Bulaya, The United Church of Zambia


Generous God, you created us to develop this world and ourselves. You gave us all the resources we need. We pray that you help us realise the potential of being innovative and industrious. Help us to remember that we have a duty to keep our world clean and green. Through Jesus we pray, Amen.

Prayer Points

Fiangonan’i Jesoa Kristy eto Madagasikara (FJKM)

The FJKM set a vision to fill Madagascar with the Lord’s gospels and the first four-year goal was to establish churches in more than 400 boroughs. The four-year plan ended in 2020. Thank God, this goal has been reached. 400 boroughs spread all over the island have at least one FJKM community each, who meet and pray together. Local missionaries recruited in 2016 helped in fulfilling the goal.

The newly-converted people need to be accompanied in their faith and to be encouraged to grow spiritually. One of the strategies is to enlarge the FJKM media, especially the Radio Fahazavana which can reach people of all social strata.

Prayer requests:

Thanksgiving to God for the numerous people who accepted Jesus Christ as their only Saviour.

Pray for the FJKM radio, that many helping hands will make a difference.



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