John 15:9-17; Acts 10:44-48

The Council for World Mission has raised this life-awakening theme, “Life-Flourishing Economy”, that motivates us to further explore and theologically reflect on how we see and handle life in the midst of this global context of change, especially this very crucial time during which we have encountered this global pandemic, the viral disease COVID-19. I want to bring home this CWM theme of “Life-Flourishing Economy” within our various contextual realities by suggesting this topic calls and invites all of us as God’s children to take up our God-given responsibility of manifesting God’s economy of life within our contextual realities of life.

The English word “economy”, prior to its technical usage in the world of academics and business, was derived from two Greek words – Oikos-Nomos meaning “house-rules,” the rules and regulations of the house. In the light of this etymological understanding of the word “economy”, we as Christ’s body, the Church, can truly appreciate and take the CWM theme “Life-Flourishing Economy” to mean “life-flourishing house rules”: our mission is one that will reflect God’s economy of life.

Our earth in a global perspective is more than just a geographical landmass demarcated with political boundaries by the Empires and Colonisers. Our earth is our God-given “house” with rich natural resources from which the whole human race can benefit should there be equal and fair distribution of these resources. This is where our theme calls and invites us to actively participate in the “Missio Dei” (Mission of God) where we can in little ways encourage and promote good governance in both the church and government that will promote and enhance a life-flourishing economy.

In Psalms 1, the psalmist invites us to walk in God’s economy of life. Joy belongs to those who do not walk in the pathway of the wicked, but their delight is in the law of the Lord. The gospel of John in chapter 17, also records our Lord’s powerful prayer of unity to work together in oneness with God for a life-flourishing economy.

-Armstrong Pitakaji, United Church in Solomon Islands


God our source of life, our lives begin in you and will end in you. You have taught us that in you we live, move and have our beings. We pray and ask you to forgive us for the works that we should have done but are left undone. We pray and seek new visions and insights. Amen.

Prayer Points
Presbyterian Church of India

The Presbyterian Church of India requests prayer in their efforts to:

Dispel the prejudices created against Christians and other minority communities and to actively engage in the promotion of better relationships between the communities.

Encourage and actively promote the prophetic engagement of the church in the socio-political and economic life of the nation.

Respond to specific instances of atrocities against the Christian community and other minority communities.

Educate the community towards the various provisions safeguarding their rights, privileges and opportunities designed for their development.

Safeguard and promote human rights; in particular, the rights of people belonging to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and backward classes, minority communities, children, women, the poor and the marginalised.

Make meaningful interventions in areas of policy-making/opinion-shaping and to make appropriate representations before the government and other concerned bodies on issues as mentioned above.