2 Kings 2:1-12; Psalm 50:1-6; 2 Corinthians 4:3-6; Mark 9:2-9

In a text where the true glory of Jesus is unmasked as the Son of God, his death is also revealed. Thus, even this moment exposes Jesus’ struggle with those who will ultimately seek to extinguish his light. Jesus was executed by powers because they were threatened by his works and his shining identity and integrity.

The transfiguration explicates that the way of the cross is related to the way of the kingdom of God. In the gospels, Jesus’ disciples were unable to understand Jesus’ ministry. While they sought power and position, Jesus’ ministry was resistive to it. God’s voice in the text shows us that through the cross, God will carry out his saving activity for those who are uncared for. To preach Jesus is to follow his works (2 Corinthians 4:3-6). The way of the cross and the way of resurrection cannot be separated. They both offer a life that is free of all life-negating structures.

The transfiguration shows resistance to the empire that is built upon oppressive hierarchical order. The context of Jesus’ life, the Roman society was hierarchically divided. The ones at the bottom had no experience of life in its fullness. The response of Peter is representative of such an ideology. Rather than understanding the true identity of Jesus and his imminent death, his suggestions of building shelters reinforces the hierarchy where building shelters would increase the popularity of Jesus. Popularity would bring  power and status. However, Jesus’ mission was establishing the Kingdom of God, which was opposed to hierarchy. It built on love, equality and justice because God is a God of Justice (Psalm 50:6).

The transfiguration offers hope of life that is flourishing in all aspects. The resurrection of Jesus calls us to live a resurrected life. Such resurrected life is shown in acts of resistance to the life-negating realities of the world. In whatever contexts we might be in, the transfiguration of Jesus gives us courage and hope in the face of death and uncertainty. The hope of the establishing kingdom of God in this world continually inspires us to overcome death and destruction and continually move towards establishing life-flourishing communities where life in its fullness is lived and experienced.

-Sudipta Singh


God our parent, by your shining presence in our lives, give us courage to reject ideologies that do not promote love, care and justice. Inspire us  through Jesus, who always stood with the uncared and resisted oppressive ideologies. Let the Holy Spirit be our guide in establishing life-flourishing creation.

Prayer Points

CWM Board of Directors

Loving God, we place the members of the Board at your altar, grant them:

The gift of wisdom. Give them vision to see outside the norm and to make decisions that are life-affirming.

Good health and divine protection to serve with humility, a compassionate heart, and a joyful spirit.

Faith and hope as they serve in uncertain times where the spirit of hopelessness abound. May their faith remain uncompromised and their hope firm in you.

Embrace them during moments of despair when decisions are difficult and disheartening; encourage them when their work feels unbearable, and recognition seems unnoticed and educate them to act with a spirit-led heart according to your will and purpose.

-Vickeisha King-Burke, Council for World Mission