Mark 4:26-34

The parables of the growing seed and the mustard seed have a lot in common. They tell us what the kingdom of God is like; they have to do with seeds and growth. Jesus told these parables to encourage us to keep sharing Christ even when we do not see results. We need to grasp hold of these parables so that we may understand how God’s kingdom grows and what our part in it is.

I. The Parable of the Growing Seed (verses 26-29)

The first thing we learn is that if we want to see God’s kingdom grow, we must plant the seeds. This is the most basic step in gardening. If you leave out this step, no matter what else you do, you will never harvest a crop.

We know also from the parable of the sower that planting seeds means sharing God’s word. But then Jesus’ parable makes an equally important point: we must plant the seeds, but God is the one who makes them grow. Once we have planted the seed, there are certain things that are out of our hands.

II. The Parable of the Mustard Seed (verses 30-32)

The first point here is that God’s kingdom starts small. It must have seemed strange to the disciples. Here was Jesus, looking like an ordinary man, proclaiming the kingdom of God had come. That must be something big, right? But they look around and see just themselves and Jesus travelling around and teaching people. Jesus and a bunch of unschooled fishermen. They must have felt insignificant compared to the power of Rome with all its legions.

But God’s kingdom starts small, and there is a crucial second point: God’s kingdom will grow surprisingly large. The mustard seed is tiny but grows into a huge plant. God’s kingdom starts small but it is going to finish strong. Christianity began with these twelve ordinary disciples following Jesus around and has now grown to penetrate the world.


God, we pray not to be discouraged, to continue working and praying together for your kingdom. Despite the devastating impacts of COVID-19 and all challenges, let us be faithful to plant seeds and trust that you will make them grow in your time. When your kingdom looks small to us, let us remember you are growing something big. Amen.

Iteata Tavaárauhara, Etaretia Porotetani Maohi

Prayer Points

Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu

Pray for EKT’s plans to hold its General Assembly in 2021.

Pray for the leadership of the church and its vision for the church.

Pray for the government’s and churches’ fight against climate change.