Scripture: Revelation 1:4 – 8


I always think of Christianity as a family – a big family of believers. If this is true then the saying that we are of one mind commends our common mission more than just a definition of who we are.

As we are still in the spirit of Easter, it is good that we reflect on how our linkage to Jesus Christ, first born of the dead as John says in the text we read today, shine new light to how we ought to live. The reality of the matter is we cannot be careless in our living. To be linked to him who is the first born of the dead, meaning the first to be resurrected is more than a privilege, but a calling to faithful discipleship.

Training in Mission (TIM) is an opportunity to make new family members. Just like a family everyone in the household has different preferences, but somehow, we find the courage to make things work. There needs to be common grounds where we can operate otherwise our common faith and witness is futile.

The Revelation text speaks of the end times and what is to be expected. I am not speaking about visions and life after death. I am speaking about expecting to be part of the lineage of the firstborn of the dead, the ruler of the earth. In so aligning ourselves with Jesus we find the purpose for our mission – to display the family traits that is inclusive and unsparing in embracing. That is the family trait of the resurrected one. And we are part of that family. we are not called to envision what life is after death. We are called to see ourselves as members of this big family where Jesus is the firstborn of the dead, resurrected to show the world that goodness, truth, justice, and peace will always prevail. No matter what the world thinks and do, goodness will always prevail.

-Joshua Iagata, United Church in Papua New Guinea


Lord, we pray for those who needs your justice and peace. In a world where many people display different reasons to be heard, to be seen, and be recognised, help us to fully show the power of a resurrected life, as we follow in all faithfulness our Lord Jesus, the firstborn of the dead into a full resurrected life.

Help us Lord to be good family members who are faithful to the family values of justice and peace. may we never move away from our convictions that he who is in us, is stronger than he who is without us. Give us resurrection power, so as to love without end. Amen.