CWM is organising ‘Suffer the Children’: Repairing the wrongs done through racist Christian Education, an online meeting on 28th April, Thursday, 2:00pm UK time to share research findings on Christian Education materials with member churches and partners, conducted as part of CWM’s Legacies of Slavery (LOS) Children and Racism project. The event is part of CWM’s commitment to ‘truth-telling’ to our past, following reflections on the legacies of slavery in CWM’s life and history since 2017.

With the focus CWM’s forebear, the London Missionary Society (LMS) placed on Christian Education materials, and the racist and white supremacist nature of these materials becoming apparent, CWM commissioned two pieces of research last year. The first, with Carol Troupe and the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture examined the CWM archive and highlighted complicity in racial violence. The second, with Dr Eleasah Phoenix Louis and Birkbeck College, London, reviewed contemporary Christian Education materials to discover how and if the materials used today have changed and if they ensure all children and young people today are affirmed and dignified in the churches’ vision and practice of human community.

Member churches and partners involved in relevant Youth and Children’s work are encouraged to bring their experience and vision of Christian Education which can highlight the way forward, as this meeting is also a starting point to map out how CWM might develop and partner work which repairs the damage done by racist Christian Education materials and assumptions.

Join the event on 28th April, Thursday, 2:00pm UK time: 

Meeting ID: 891 2416 0958

Passcode: 621565