The second issue of CONNECTED – a bimonthly newsletter produced by CWM’s Partners in Mission (PIM) Unit has been published. It is designed to keep mission partners and those in their networks connected with CWM, connected to other mission partners and connected with their faith by offering stories of hope and prayers for service.

Among other stories, this issue introduces our newest partner-in-mission Rev Nigel Lindsay from Congregational Federation (CF) who now serves with the Presbyterian Church in Grenada (PCG) through a joint CWM and CANACOM (Caribbean and North America Council for Mission) partnership as Pastor and Chaplain.

CWM General Secretary said,” CONNECTED is a newsletter meant for connecting the PIMs to share their enduring faith, diverse contexts, and transformative stories of challenges and accomplishments in the frontier of world mission. This common platform brings those unheard stories and challenging journeys of our PIMs into the light, which may otherwise go unnoticed. This way, the missional engagement of the CWM through PIM will continue to make its transformative impact on the missional formation of our member churches and bring them into an ongoing missionary commitment.”

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