28th November 2021, Sunday, 4:00 -5:30 PM Jamaica time   

As CWM continues to mark and give thanks for the rich contribution made by the Training in Mission (TIM) programme since 1981, we are going to hold a virtual round table gathering of some of those people who have been involved in TIM over the years.  The virtual event will bring together some former participants, the staff who supported the programme and member church leaders who have valued it so highly.  They will look back at some of their experiences and trace some of the impacts for them that TIM has had.  This will be the first in a number of events designed to celebrate TIM at 40, through which we especially hope to reconnect as many former TIM participants as possible to the continuing life of CWM.  Look out for more details about speakers and log in information which will follow in the coming days. Please visit https://archive.cwmission.org/tim40/events or email CWMTIM40@cwmission.org for more information.