CWM’s vision statement of “fullness of life through Christ for all creation” came about through a process of wrestling with the question of what it means to do God’s mission in the context of Empire. We agonised over the blatant and bare-faced, death-dealing, life-denying forces that are desecrating and destroying God’s creation. We admitted that we are on a journey of death caused largely by humans doing the very things we desire which are those that destroy us because our insatiable appetite for personal advancement at any cost, placed us at odds with other human beings and with the rest of God’s creation.

The fullness of life for all creation is how Jesus interpreted his mission in the context of the Roman Empire. And the particular instance in which these words were uttered responded to the way in which a person with a disability was relegated to the dumps, by those who colluded with power at the expense of the marginalised. We intend to continue our focus on mission in the context of empire, embracing our conviction that there are alternatives to this life-denying regime and engage in actions aimed at healing, peace and reconciliation’.

-Rev Dr Collin Cowan

CWM General Secretary

Download here and take time to engage with and see the signs and manifestations of empire at work within your context.