What does liberation look and feel like? Liberation FOR whom and for what?

eDARE 2022 invites reflecting on such questions, finding the joy of release that liberation brings, and rediscovering the habitus of freeing. Liberation is not a concept to understand but a release to embody, advocate, unmask, fight for, practice, and share. And re(l)ease is an invitation to join in the costly adventure freeing from all that confines, restricts, retrains, fastens – even that which may be named as liberation.

Among the 64 panelists are activists, artists, pastors, poets, scholars, and students to interrogate, reimagine, and (re)embrace Liberation Theologies and Liberation Hermeneutics (LT&H).

Be DARE for the Webinars held on 24, 26 & 28 October 2022.

Register now: https://forms.gle/iWjf9BmB2FWLArw39

For any questions, please contact dare@cwmission.org