Every year, prisoners in the Netherlands and Dutch people imprisoned abroad are sent an encouraging Easter greeting card, as part of PKN’s Easter greetings campaign. During Lent, PKN and Kerk in Actie organise for tens of thousands of Easter cards to be bought, written, and sent to prisons by municipalities. This year’s theme is “Your light heals what is broken”.

Gerry van Wijngaarden, who coordinates the campaign, shared a prisoner’s perspective of it being “a little compassion, a handful of love”, especially since it’s one of the few connections they have with the outside world. With the Easter greeting card, inmates receive an extra card with a stamp that they can use to send mail to their family.

For more information, please visit https://protestantsekerk.nl/nieuws/paasgroetenactie-stuur-gedetineerden-een-bemoedigende-groet-met-pasen/?