The Elijah Interfaith Institute launched “Coronaspection”, a project where over 30 prominent faith leaders from 15 countries contribute their insights on faith during COVID-19. The coronavirus crisis has affected almost all communities, and is a time where we need voices of wisdom drawn from religious traditions to come together to offer hope, vision, direction and practical guidance to an anxious and suffering humanity. In a series of video interviews with Executive Director Rabbi Dr Alon Goshen-Gottstein, they shared reflections and spiritual advice with a sense of solidarity and interconnectedness of humanity. You can watch the full interviews, or soundbites at:

You may also visit CWM’s “Church and COVID-19” page ( for updates on how some of our member churches and partners are discovering new ways to be and ‘do’ church, and for resources and inspiration to not just cope, but thrive during this season.        

Founded in 1996, the Elijah Interfaith Institute and its Board of World Religious Leaders brings together some of the world’s most well-known religious leaders for a profound exchange of ideas, spiritual friendship, and outreach. Elijah seeks to create a community of religious leaders, scholars and practitioners from all faiths, who are inspired to find novel ways of sharing the wisdom of their traditions with each other and to create bridges between faith and society.