When the third wave of the COVID-19 hit Tahan, Kalay Town in Myanmar in June 2021, The Presbyterian Church of Myanmar (PCM) organised a public mask campaign, as many people were exhausted from buying masks and some could not afford it.

Volunteers were deployed to several locations to distribute 30,000 adult masks and 8,000 children’s masks. While giving out masks, each group used a microphone and amplified soundbox to announce and emphasize the importance of and how to wear masks.

Office staff visited the severely stricken Pinkhung Village (three kilometres from Tahan), while Theological Board staff reached out to Christian villagers in Tahan Bazar, Kalay. Mission Board staff covered Letpanchaung village in Kalay, the second most populated Christian village after Tahan.

“This is the first public outreach ministry of PCM General Assembly Covid Response Committee apart from free distribution of test kits, medicines, and medical equipment such as PPE to the local Covid task forces around Kalay and Tamu Townships in August. Truly, the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar is adjusting herself anew to be a living church of the Covid era for the pandemic stricken people,” said Lalsawmi, an elderly women from Pinkhung Lay village.