With recent struggles of COVID weariness, a widening income inequality due to house prices spiralling out of control, and dismay at the brutal invasion of Ukraine, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ) Moderator Right Rev. Hamish Galloway has encouraged all to see “signs of lights through the cracks of despair”.

This is similar to how after the Christchurch earthquakes, people looked for signs of meaning and hope, which sprung up in street art on the sides of buildings, and more people came to church on Sunday, recounted the PCANZ Moderator in his Easter Message.

Rt Rev. Galloway now pointed to the easing of COVID restrictions and peace talks in Ukraine as signs of hope, and asked Christians to “add a faithful voice drawing attention to the first cracks of dawning light at sunrise on the third day, which transformed the despair of the cross to something filled with hope.”

“This faith of ours – that the resurrection transforms the seeming despair of the cross into a world-changing victory of life over death, forgiveness over sin and good over evil – remains as powerful and relevant as ever!” he proclaimed.